Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our dinner get together

stal, zeke and i are having a sesh and going out for dinner for stalentines day, how romantic lol. went driving today with this chick im friends with lauren, it was good fun. im working qa fair bit, trying to save for my trip to hervey bay but havent been successful yet, i just keep spending money. ive got two big weekends coming up, so excited. ive got divos 18th this weekend which will be fucken awesom and nathans 18th next weekend, it gonna be me nicole and mikayla oohhhh and nita but yeah PARTY!!!!!! mum comes home next friday, cant wait. theres been a bit of tension here lately between us kids and matty. i got busted last wednesday for clubbing. i got home and matty was like where have you been? i was like at nicoleies, but i lost my phone and he had been trying to contact me so i thought he was just shitty becasue of that so i go out witrh the girlsd and then i get a call from zeke saying matty knew i went clubbing, so i planned to not go home becasue i was shitting myself at collegewildparties. anyways matty calls me and is like where are you, im coming to pick you up. he comes and picks me up and was like i went into your room looking for a address book to try contact yuo last night, why does your bag smell like cannibis? i was like it doesnt, matty: then you wont mind if i have a look through it, me: (in my head) fuck fuck fuck. we get home, i empty out my bag and matty goes through all my shit and finds cone pieces, tallyho, lighters, chop bowl, scissors and traces of weed, we sit down and tlak and i pull some bullshit story out of my ass about how i have gotten inwith the wrong crowd and mzade some bad descisions and he gets overit. but zeke has been busted fopr weed a few times now so mum and matty are sus as shit and dont trust either of us. but im not in shit or anything. sooooo yeah that was my story.


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