Thursday, December 6, 2007

well at the moment i'm at home using the computer and enjoying the good life as best as i can.

saturday was a good night, i took 3 of those bloody pills. gave one to almost everyone behind the bar. gigi didn't come out neither did chantay. Alan was there with cynthia and alexia. alexia was so fucken drunk it so was not funny. i could have smashed her head in. are cynthia and alan still together? if they are i SO know what alan feels like.

yeah anywayz left the club at 8 in the morning. I think Robbie is going out with that BLACK chick that works behind the bar at yello at my the moment mikayla is fast asleep on my lap with he head hanging over the side.

oi i seriously have no power at my house....since saturday afternoon. It rained so much that the leaking must have touched one of the power lines in the house. I just felt like crying on sunday. it was so fucken hot, no power ment no fan, had to boil water on the freakin stove cuz electric kettle wasn't working.

mikayla has all these red blotches on her it's so not funny. i need to take her to the doctor asap. oh when i was at the club on saturday one of my eyes was very red. it had that green gunk come out. i had to keep wiping my eye evry 5 mins. before the music started pumping i was watching gladiator down stairs with a few people, and when it came to the end i balled my eyes put crying. funny thing is that it was my red eye that was shedding all the mum laughed at me.

about the kids i feel for you but pliz don't tell me that you just let a kid make you cry!!! lol.....keep strong...they're kids...blah....they can be beautiful but damn their dark sides.......


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