Sunday, December 9, 2007

Our dinner get together

stal, zeke and i are having a sesh and going out for dinner for stalentines day, how romantic lol. went driving today with this chick im friends with lauren, it was good fun. im working qa fair bit, trying to save for my trip to hervey bay but havent been successful yet, i just keep spending money. ive got two big weekends coming up, so excited. ive got divos 18th this weekend which will be fucken awesom and nathans 18th next weekend, it gonna be me nicole and mikayla oohhhh and nita but yeah PARTY!!!!!! mum comes home next friday, cant wait. theres been a bit of tension here lately between us kids and matty. i got busted last wednesday for clubbing. i got home and matty was like where have you been? i was like at nicoleies, but i lost my phone and he had been trying to contact me so i thought he was just shitty becasue of that so i go out witrh the girlsd and then i get a call from zeke saying matty knew i went clubbing, so i planned to not go home becasue i was shitting myself at collegewildparties. anyways matty calls me and is like where are you, im coming to pick you up. he comes and picks me up and was like i went into your room looking for a address book to try contact yuo last night, why does your bag smell like cannibis? i was like it doesnt, matty: then you wont mind if i have a look through it, me: (in my head) fuck fuck fuck. we get home, i empty out my bag and matty goes through all my shit and finds cone pieces, tallyho, lighters, chop bowl, scissors and traces of weed, we sit down and tlak and i pull some bullshit story out of my ass about how i have gotten inwith the wrong crowd and mzade some bad descisions and he gets overit. but zeke has been busted fopr weed a few times now so mum and matty are sus as shit and dont trust either of us. but im not in shit or anything. sooooo yeah that was my story.

it sounds like this is going to be a really good experience for me. as for me, nicole came back the other day, nita organised a supirese party for her. in the end it was just me, nita, mikayla and nicole with the nudgee boys (matty, nathan, myles etc) its was good fun, partied all night. nicole hooked up with matty hehehehe. god i didnt realisse how much i missed that girl until i saw her. i think nita and i are basically over, but i will be seeing her alot more now that nicole is back in town. she basically ignores me and i do the nicke, its sad but we have drifted and it cant be fixed. oh well. ohhh guess what? i get my car next week, sooo excited and i can drive now, just havent got my liscence yet. i start uni next week, shitting myself, i dont think im ready to again but i cant wait to party and meet new people, expecially older guys

Thursday, December 6, 2007

well at the moment i'm at home using the computer and enjoying the good life as best as i can.

saturday was a good night, i took 3 of those bloody pills. gave one to almost everyone behind the bar. gigi didn't come out neither did chantay. Alan was there with cynthia and alexia. alexia was so fucken drunk it so was not funny. i could have smashed her head in. are cynthia and alan still together? if they are i SO know what alan feels like.

yeah anywayz left the club at 8 in the morning. I think Robbie is going out with that BLACK chick that works behind the bar at yello at my the moment mikayla is fast asleep on my lap with he head hanging over the side.

oi i seriously have no power at my house....since saturday afternoon. It rained so much that the leaking must have touched one of the power lines in the house. I just felt like crying on sunday. it was so fucken hot, no power ment no fan, had to boil water on the freakin stove cuz electric kettle wasn't working.

mikayla has all these red blotches on her it's so not funny. i need to take her to the doctor asap. oh when i was at the club on saturday one of my eyes was very red. it had that green gunk come out. i had to keep wiping my eye evry 5 mins. before the music started pumping i was watching gladiator down stairs with a few people, and when it came to the end i balled my eyes put crying. funny thing is that it was my red eye that was shedding all the mum laughed at me.

about the kids i feel for you but pliz don't tell me that you just let a kid make you cry!!! lol.....keep strong...they're kids...blah....they can be beautiful but damn their dark sides.......

not over fred

newho, i know i said i was over fred and blah blah, but im not. ha, bet u knew that. he's not even that hot or great, i think i like him coz he's all dangerous and has the potential to fuck me over. but the way i see it is im being a fool, he doesn't like me at all and i am just making excuses for him. think about it - he didn't even call me to say goodbye when he went to tanna island and he knew he could possibly never see me again. its just hard having to walk away from it all without closure and just making assumptions, but i know i am right and have to stop beign a dick. i dont care if he waited two months for us to just kiss. and i know i've fucked him over more (i am so scared when he finds out ive kissed like 7 other peope, shit) but still. gota get over him. i figure that if he isnt in noosa by this week, we were defintetly not meant to be, so i wil tell u how that goes. ad i know he wont be here. maybe i should give him two weeks. oh fuck it, this week and thats it i will kiss and fuck whoever i want, haha.