Thursday, December 6, 2007

not over fred

newho, i know i said i was over fred and blah blah, but im not. ha, bet u knew that. he's not even that hot or great, i think i like him coz he's all dangerous and has the potential to fuck me over. but the way i see it is im being a fool, he doesn't like me at all and i am just making excuses for him. think about it - he didn't even call me to say goodbye when he went to tanna island and he knew he could possibly never see me again. its just hard having to walk away from it all without closure and just making assumptions, but i know i am right and have to stop beign a dick. i dont care if he waited two months for us to just kiss. and i know i've fucked him over more (i am so scared when he finds out ive kissed like 7 other peope, shit) but still. gota get over him. i figure that if he isnt in noosa by this week, we were defintetly not meant to be, so i wil tell u how that goes. ad i know he wont be here. maybe i should give him two weeks. oh fuck it, this week and thats it i will kiss and fuck whoever i want, haha.


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